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Saracen Mare Care

Saracen Mare Care

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Saracen Mare Care is a specifically tailored nutrition source for Broodmares

MARE-CARE is a high spec mix for broodmares, providing extra nutritional support to meet the specific nutrient requirements during late pregnancy, leading up to foaling and through lactation. This mix features a boosted level of Vitamin E to aid fertility in mares and optimise antibody transfer from mares to newborn foals, providing a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for colostrum quality. It also contains BioMos for attracting and neutralizing bacteria, and stimulating the immune system in both the mare and subsequently the developing fetus.

  • Providing flexible energy levels, when used with STAMM 30® between early and late pregnancy
  • Controlling body condition throughout gestation
  • Meeting the specific nutrient requirements of mares during late pregnancy and lactation
  • Particularly supporting maidens, poor milkers and mares producing borderline or poor quality colostrum

A broodmare's feeding programme should be divided into three separate stages:

  1. Early pregnancy, from conception through seven months of pregnancy. Barren mares and pregnant mares without foals by their sides fit into this nutritional category.
  2. The last trimester of pregnancy, from seven months of pregnancy through to foaling.
  3. Lactation, which generally lasts for five or six months after foaling.

The nutrient requirements for these three stages differ markedly and adjustments should be made in the mare's feeding programme to accommodate these differences. The most common mistakes made in feeding broodmares are overfeeding during early pregnancy, and underfeeding during lactation.

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