Horse Feed Balancers

Horse Feed Balancers

Stockist of a wide range of horse feed balancers, to help to ensure your horse is getting all of the nutrients it needs.

Balancers are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals — everything that is needed to balance your horse’s diet, whatever his age, breed or work levels.

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    Horse feed balancers provide a highly concentrated source of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals, designed to be fed to horses and ponies who do not need the calorie intake of traditional hard feeds. As moderm pastures are commonly lacking in essential nutrients, a balancer can help to balance the horse's diet to ensure health and wellbeing when hard feeds are not being fed to manufacturer's recommended amounts, often due to weight management.

    All of our horse feed balancers come from reputable brands including TopSpec, Baileys and NAF, so, when you buy from us, you can rest assured that you’ll be treating your horse right. If you’re looking to enhance your horse’s diet even further, we have some supplements that can help you to do so. Or, if you’re looking to update their general feeding routine, check out our ranges of haylage, straights and horse treats as well. Shop our range of horse feed balancers today and you’ll receive free UK mainland delivery on orders of £75 or more — weight and postcode restrictions apply.