Children’s Clothes & Accessories

Children’s Clothes & Accessories

Browse the fantastic selection of children’s clothes and accessories at Millbry Hill, where you’ll find the perfect outfit for your little one.

With fabulous colourful country styles from all your favourite country brands, you are sure to find all you need to kit out your son or daughter’s wardrobe.

    390 items

    390 items

    Joules Girls Mackenzie Sweatshirt
    Joules Girls Saunton Sweatshirt
    from £26.95
    Joules Baby Girls Pixie Screenprint T-Shirt
    Shires Maids Stanmore Riding Tights
    Shires Maids Brook Logo Riding Tights
    Shires Childs Tikaboo Jodhpur
    Shires Childs Tikaboo T-Shirt
    Shires Childs Tikaboo Hoodie
    Aubrion Maids Latimer Hoodie
    LeMieux Mini Glace Baselayer
    LeMieux Mini Baselayer
    Aubrion Maids Hyde Park Cross Country Shirt
    Joules Boys Island T-Shirt
    from £14.95