Bucket of Chopped Chaff for Horses

Chaff & Fibre Feeds for Horses

Made from short chopped hay and/or straw, chaff is a high-fibre feed, often used to increase fibre levels in the diet, as well as prolonging feeding time. Our range of chaffs also includes complete fibre feeds, which are supplemented with vitamins and minerals, to reduce the need for a compound hard feed.


    Used primarily to add fibre to the horse’s diet and to bulk out hard feeds to prolong eating time, chaff is dry forage that has been chopped into small pieces and is often fortified with vitamins, minerals and herbs for added health benefits. Many chaffs have a molasses coating to aid palatability, however we also stock a range of low sugar and molasses free chaffs and fibre feeds, which are ideal for laminitics or those horses prone to weight gain.

    As well as traditional horse chaffs, we also stock a range of complete fibre feeds, providing balanced nutrition for your horse in a single bag. Complete fibre feeds eliminate the need for multiple feeds, ensuring your horse benefits from complete balanced nutrient ration in every bucket.

    Stocking a fantastic range for every horse and pony, shop the range of fibre feeds and chaff for horses here at Millbry Hill. We have a great selection available to buy online or pick up in store, offering you unbeatable choice and allowing you to keep your horse healthy and happy, whatever his type or workload. We offer bags of from trusted brands such as TopSpec, Mollichaff and Dengie. So, when you buy from our range, you know you’ll be getting great quality feed for you horse. Don’t forget, at Millbry Hill, we also offer a complete range of compound horse feed, for horses of all types, ages and workloads, ideal to be fed alongside chaffs. If you are looking to stock up on feed, take a look at our ranges of haylage, horse licks and treats, too, as well as our range of feed buckets and feed room accessories. Buy from our range of Chaff & Fibre Feeds for Horses today and opt for delivery straight to your home or stable yard, or collect from your local Millbry Hill store for free.