Cat Toys, Wands & Catnip Toys

Cat Toys, Wands & Catnip Toys

Treat your cat from the wide variety of toys that we stock here at Millbry Hill. Help them bring out their inner curiosity with toys that will give them hours of playtime and entertainment. With everything from catnip toys to teasers, these toys not only provide hours of fun but are also a great way to help your cat exercise.

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    Cats love to hunt and pounce, so why not entertain them for hours with one or two of these fun cat toys? Choose from cute plush animals, mischievous teasers, or catnip infused balls to keep your feline friend on their toes and well-exercised. Browse our range.

    Here at Millbry Hill, we have a large selection of Cat Toys, Wands & Catnip Toys that are ideal for teasing and playing with your feline friend. We stock a variety of different products, such as soft toys, feathers, teasers, and balls — all ideal for chasing and pouncing. All of the items in this range are from great pet brands like KONG and Rosewood, and all of their toys have been designed and made to be completely cat-friendly. They will also withstand the rough and tumble that cats like to put their favourite toys through.

    You may be interested in our other cat accessories, including feeding bowls, collars, and litter trays too. We offer free UK mainland delivery on purchases over £75 (weight and postcode restrictions apply), so be sure to order your cat toys now.