Under Rugs & Rug Liners

Great for adding a layer of warmth in chilly weather, under rugs and rug liners pair nicely with turnout rugs and stable rugs for added comfort for your horse. Available in various... weights, these rugs allow you to keep your horse toasty warm whatever the weather.

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      Layer up with our range of under rugs and rug liner systems from leading brands including Horseware and Weatherbeeta. Under rugs are great for adding that extra layer of warmth during a cold snap, without the need to purchase a whole new heavier-weight rug.

      Under rugs and rug liners are designed for layering under outer rugs to offer extra warmth. Rugs with rug liner systems offer an economical way to provide a range of different weights of rug for your horse without the need to purchase multiple rugs. Traditionally, a pure wool blanket called a Witney Blanket was used as an under blanket for the stabled horse, with a roller placed over the stable rug and under blanket to hold it in place. Modern under blankets, however, resemble lightweight stable rugs and are more commonly known as under rugs. These tend to have special fixings to attach the under rug or rug liner to the outer rug, so there is no need to use a roller. Different under blankets are designed to be worn with stable rugs and turnout rugs.