Cat Beds, Furniture & Scratching Posts

Cat Beds, Furniture & Scratching Posts

A great way to stimulate natural behaviours in your cat is through safe sleeping and resting areas. Our range of styles mean that you can chose what is best for your cat, to make them feel safe. Scratching posts are also a perfect way for your cat to express natural behaviours and help maintain claw length.

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    Take a look at our cat beds and furniture, including scratching posts, to find the perfect place for your cat to sleep and relax. We stock a range of styles of cat beds, from cat igloos to traditional basket styles, as well as a variety of scratching posts and cat trees, so we'll have something to suit every feline.

    Here at Millbry Hill, we have a wide range of cat beds, furniture and scratching posts. Here, you can find a variety of soft and supportive places for your cat to call home. They will be happy snoozing for hours and relaxing on the luxurious cushioning of these products. We also stock a range of scratching posts and cat trees to give your cat somewhere to maintains claws, as well as relieving stress and helping your cat stretch their back and shoulder muscles. We want your cat to feel as comfortable as possible, so we've sourced these products from some of the best pet brands around. Choose from premium cat igloos and baskets by the likes of Danish Design and Joules. We stock cat beds to suit a range of breeds and sizes in a number of styles, so you are likely to find one that's perfect for your feline friend.

    You may also be interested in some of our other cat products, which include bowls, toys, and litter trays, among many others. When you spend over £75 on your order, you will receive free delivery to the UK mainland (weight and postcode restrictions apply). Shop the range now.