Haynets & Haylage Nets for Horses

Haynets & Haylage Nets for Horses

A good haynet or haylage net will make the world of difference when it comes to packing and hanging hay and haylage for your horse. With an array of different sizes to choose from, we have a great selection to make your horse's forage last longer and produce less mess.

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    If you are struggling to find the best haynet or haylage net for your horse, then we have a wide range of products to browse here at Millbry Hill. Forage is an important part of a horse’s diet and we understand that some horses may need specialised haynets. As well as having nets that are made for hay or haylage, we also stock nets that have small and large holes. These nets can be used both in the stable and wagon or in the field during winter for an extra supply of forage.

    If your horse likes to eat all their hay or haylage in one go, then we have the perfect solution to help them slow down their eating time. Slow feed, small-holed, trickle, and greedy feeder nets aim to slow down the time it takes to eat, perfect for overnight and during the day forage. We also supply haynets with large holes for horses with fewer teeth or teething problems, making it easier for them to pull the forage through the holes. Alternatively, hay bags can also be a great solution for this issue.

    We offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £75 (postcode and weight restrictions apply). Shop Haynets & Haylage Nets for Horses with us today.