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Find the perfect horse clipper or trimmer to suit your horses' needs with our collection. The cordless clippers provide hours of clipping time without the nuisance of a power cord. Our range is designed to meet the needs of both horse owners and professionals alike, equipping you with the right tools to achieve immaculate, show-ready grooming results.

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    Choosing the right clippers or trimmers can be a daunting decision and there are many factors to consider, such as the number of horses to be clipped, hair type, personality of the horse and price. Here at Millbry Hill, we have exactly what you need to choose the best horse clippers for you. Perfect for everything from a full winter clip to trimming and tidying for the show ring, our range of Horse Clippers, Horse Trimmers and Blades includes electric and battery-powered, pocket-sized, heavy-duty and lightweight, from reputable brands such as Wahl, Wolseley, Lister and Liveryman.

    What clippers or trimmers are best for you? This is a question dependent on your own needs and that of your horse. Powerful, light and easy-to-use clippers such as cordless horse clippers are becoming more popular due to their ease of use but being battery-powered, they won't clip for as long as mains clippers.

    Clippers and trimmers fall into different categories for different uses. Light-duty clippers are quieter, lighter and suitable for soft and fine coats; ideal for first-time owners. Medium-duty clippers are more powerful than light-duty and can handle courser hair; suitable for clipping 1-3 horses. Heavy-duty clippers can be heavier and nosier; ideal for professionals and clipping multiple horses. Trimmers are suitable for trimming small areas such as the face or awkward areas.

    It’s important that you invest in the proper equipment to keep your horse in the best condition possible. So, if you would like to update your kit even further, why not browse our selection of grooming equipment or invest in a new cosy rug for your horse to wear after being clipped. Shop online today and you’ll receive free UK mainland delivery on orders of £75 or more — weight and Highland postcode restrictions apply.