Layers Pellets & Layers Mash for Hens & Poultry

Layers Pellets & Layers Mash for Laying Hens & Poultry

Our range of Layers Pellets and Layers Mash provide a complete balanced diet for all types of adult and laying poultry, ducks, geese and bantams. These feeds have been specially formulated to support egg production, as well as overall health in laying birds.


    Here at Millbry Hill we stock a range of layers pellets and layers mash (also known as layers crumble). Layers pellets are a popular choice for owners of hens and domestic poultry, including ducks and geese. They are clean and easy to use, and ensure every bird in the flock gets a balanced ration. Layers Mash or Crumble has the same nutritional profile as Layers Pellets, but has a different texture, which is preferred by some birds, particularly ex-battery and commercial hens who will be used to feeds similar to dry mash. Layers Mash can also be fed dampened if preferred, though moistened feed spoils quicker, so tend to need more maintenance. As layers pellets are designed to be fed birds which are laying eggs for human consumption, these feeds do not contain any medicines or antibiotics.

    Our range of layers poultry feeds includes varieties from a wide range of popular small holder brands, including Allen & Page, Hutton Mill and Dodson & Horrell. We also stock layers feeds which have been specially formulated for free range hens, and organic layers pellets for those birds kept on organic farming systems. Our layers pellets and layers mash are available to buy online, with delivery throughout the UK.