Stable Rugs for Horses

Utilising the best technical fabrics, our selection of stable rugs and blankets from leading brands including Weatherbeeta, Shires, Gallop and LeMieux, offers something to suit eve...ry horse and every budget. Each rug has been designed to provide your horse with the warmth and comfort needed from a stable rug, in a variety of styles to choose from, we have the right stable rug to add to your horse's wardrobe.

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    Shop by Colour

      Here at Millbry Hill, we have an excellent range of Stable Rugs for Horses. Stable rugs can be an essential part of the stabled horse's wardrobe - especially if he is clipped. Stable rugs and blankets offer the horse extra warmth whilst stabled over the winter and colder months, with insulating fillings to help keep out the chill and are breathable to help the horse regulate his temperature.

      Stable rugs have durable outers to protect against the general stresses of stable life, however, these rugs are not waterproof and not suitable for turnout. Whilst some people opt to use stable rugs as under rugs for turnout rugs, this is not recommended - it is much better to use the correct weight turnout for the conditions or to use a specific under rug to give a better fit and prevent the rug from slipping, causing discomfort and rubbing.

      Stable rugs come in different weights, from lightweight at around 100g, ideal for milder weather or hardier types, through to super heavyweight at around 550g, ideal for the finer, fully clipped horse during particularly cold spells. They are also available in standard neck or full combo neck designs for horses who require extra warmth and protection.

      We stock Stable Rugs for horses and ponies, from all the top brands such as Weatherbeeta, Gallop and Shires.

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