Millbry Hill Gift Card

Millbry Hill Gift Card

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Gift Card: Your Gift Voucher will be emailed to you, and can be redeemed online or in store. Valid for one year from date of issue.


Gift Card Terms & Conditions:
Your Millbry Hill Gift Card will be emailed to you, and will be available for immediate use. Gift Vouchers can only be cancelled by requesting by email to within 1 hour of purchase, and cannot be cancelled if redeemed either in part or in full. Unwanted Gift Vouchers can not be returned and voucher codes can not be used to purchase another gift card.

You can use the voucher online or in store. If the items purchased total less than the gift voucher amount the remaining funds will stay on the gift card to use on the next purchase. If the items purchased exceed the gift voucher amount the remaining value must be paid by card in order to complete the order.

Items bought using gift vouchers can be returned or exchanged but not refunded for cash, only additional monies paid over and above the gift voucher will be refunded and funds will be allocated back to the gift card or a new gift voucher code will be issued.

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