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A must have for every horse rider, our range of riding boots offers everything from practical paddock boots and comfortable yard boots to technical field boots and stylish competition boots for all disciplines.

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    Here at Millbry Hill, you'll find a wide range of riding boots that will help you to look and feel your best while out with your horse. Available in black or brown leathers, our selection of equestrian footwear includes both jodhpur boots and long riding boots, so you have plenty of freedom to choose a type that suits your needs and style.

    A good pair of boots is an essential when riding or working around horses. Riding boots are designed to offer additional support at the ankle for comfort and balance whilst riding, and should have a good riding heel to prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup for safety in the saddle. Particularly useful when working around horses, look out for boots that offer additional grip on the soles, which are a useful safety feature when walking on muddy or slippery surfaces. We offer a range of styles on riding boots which are designed to perform well for different tasks. Yard boots are an essential piece of footwear when working with horses. Designed for practicality, a good pair of yard boots will offer good grip and warmth, keeping your feed comfortable in all weathers, whilst also featuring a riding heel to make them suitable to ride it too. Although sometimes available in leather, yard boots are commonly made from synthetic materials, making them easy to clean and care for. Look out for waterproof styles to give that extra protection. For a smarter short boot, have a look at our jodhpur and paddock boots. Usually crafted from leather, these short riding boots are a practical choice for many riders and offer an affordable choice, making them particularly popular for children and with those new to horse riding. Though visually similar, Paddock Boots tend to have a chunkier sole, making them ideal for both riding and yard work. Jodhpur Boots tend to be designed mainly for riding, and as the name suggests are typically worn with jodhpurs. Jodhpur Boots can be worn with riding chaps to give a similar appearance as long boots. Alternatively jodhpur clips can be used to help prevent your jodhpurs riding up when in the saddle. Long Riding Boots (or tall boots as they are also called) are a favourite of many equestrians, and are particularly suitable for competition use. Long boots are available in a variety of styles, with Dress Boots being particularly popular for dressage riders and Field Boots, which feature lacing in front of the ankle to give a greater flexibility of fit, are a popular choice for eventers and show jumpers.

    With a fantastic range of equestrian boots for men, women and children, we have boots and footwear to suit all shapes and sizes. At Millbry Hill we stock riding boots from top equestrian brands such as Dublin, Toggi, and Ariat, so you can trust that they're all high-quality, durable, and very reliable. Shop our range of horse riding boots online today and you'll receive free UK delivery when you spend more than £75 (weight and postcode restrictions apply).