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Working & Sporting Dog Food

Our range of Working & Sporting Dog Food has been specially tailored to meet the demanding nutritional needs of working and sporting dogs. These advanced formulation diets have balanced levels of fats, proteins and essential nutrients for the active dog. All working dog foods are VAT free in the UK.


    Working Dog Foods tend to have higher calorie levels in the form of proteins and fats than normal pet dog diets, to support the higher energy requirements of the active working dog. However, our range also includes resting and maintenance working dog diets, to ensure healthy weight management for working dogs during periods of rest, or those prone to weight gain. Our range of Working and Sporting Dog Foods are suitable for all active dogs, including working farm dogs, sheep dogs, racing greyhounds, sporting and hunting dogs.

    Our range of Working Dog Foods also include grain free and hypoallergenic recipes to support dogs with sensitive digestion and other special dietary needs. As well as working dog diets, we also stock a wide range of both dry dog food and wet dog food tins and pouches suitable for all pet dogs.

    Shop our range of working and sporting dog feeds, we stock leading working dog food brands such as Skinners, Dr John and Red Mills. Buy now at Millbry Hill.