Women's Competition Tops & Ladies Equestrian Show Shirts

Get ready for the competition season with our stylish show and competition shirts for women. Browse our huge range of stock collar and tie show shirts, designed for performance as ...well as style, with technical breathable and stretch fabrics that will allow for movement and comfort. From show jumping to dressage, we have the perfect show shirt for every competition. Available in stock or tie neck designs, and in long and short sleeve styles, perfect for competing all year round.

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    Welcome to Millbry Hill's collection of women's equestrian show shirts, specially curated to elevate your performance and style in the show ring. Whether you're a passionate show jumper, dressage rider, or compete in other equestrian disciplines, our range of competition shirts and tops has you covered. Browse through our selection of show shirts, lace show shirts, stock shirts, and sleeveless show shirts to find the perfect attire for your next equestrian event.

    Make a statement in the show ring with our stylish and sophisticated show shirts.  Our women's equestrian show shirts are designed with the utmost attention to detail and functionality. These competition shirts are made from high-quality materials that offer breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and freedom of movement. With tailored fits and elegant designs, they strike the perfect balance between professional appearance and rider comfort. 

    Add a touch of delicate femininity to your equestrian wardrobe with lace show shirts. These exquisite shirts blend timeless elegance with modern performance. The intricate lace detailing creates a captivating visual appeal, while the performance fabrics ensure optimal breathability and comfort during your ride. For a classic and traditional show ring appearance, stock shirts are a must-have. These shirts feature a traditional stock collar and front placket, perfect for riders who prefer a more formal look. Made from high-quality fabrics, our stock shirts provide a crisp and clean aesthetic that is both sophisticated and professional. And you can stay cool and comfortable during warmer show days with our sleeveless show shirts. These shirts offer the same level of style and performance as their long-sleeved counterparts, with the added benefit of increased breathability and freedom of movement. Ideal for show jumping and other high-intensity disciplines, sleeveless show shirts keep you looking and feeling your best.

    All of the competition shirts and show tops in our women's equestrian clothing collection are designed to provide a polished and refined look that captures the attention of judges and spectators alike. No matter your equestrian discipline, Millbry Hill has the perfect women's equestrian show shirts for you. Elevate your performance, confidence, and style in the show ring with our carefully selected collection. Shop now and discover the perfect competition shirts, show shirts, lace show shirts, stock shirts, and sleeveless show shirts to showcase your passion for equestrian excellence.