Horse Feed & Water Buckets, Troughs & Managers

Horse Feed & Water Buckets, Troughs & Mangers

Our range of feed and water buckets are perfect for inside stables, paddocks, trailers/wagons, and around the yard. We have a selection of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. A selection of troughs and mangers are available for kitting out your stable, paddock, or wagon to make sure your horse has everything they need available.

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    Browse our fantastic selection of horse feed bowls and water buckets here at Millbry Hill. Whether you are needing buckets for your stable, paddock or to carry in a wagon, we have the perfect items to choose from, to make sure your buckets are fit for purpose. We have a range of buckets made from different materials to give options if your horse likes to play or destroy their buckets. Rubber feed buckets are a popular item if your horse does have a habit of destroying buckets as they are constructed to be more robust. Our range also consists of buckets of all shapes and sizes, including extra-large buckets which are ideal for holding water in a field or paddock.

    Our range also includes mangers and troughs which are perfect for holding big amounts of forage and water, either in the stable or a field. These items are ideal if your horse spends a long period in one place, you do not need to worry about them getting low on supplies. If you are looking to update your current collection or buying for your new horse, you will find exactly what you need here.