Snuffle Mats, Lick Mats & Puzzle Treat Toys for Dogs

Snuffle Mats, Lick Mats & Puzzle Treat Toys for Dogs

Snuffle mats and lick mats, also known as treat mats or sniffing mats, are interactive dog toys designed to engage a dog's natural instinct to sniff, lick and forage for food. At Millbry Hill we stock a range of lick mats, treat mats and snuffle mats and toys to keep your dog happy and engaged.

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    Snuffle mats typically consist of a mat made from fabric or fleece with long strips or pockets that conceal treats or pieces of food. The dog uses their nose to search through the mat and find the hidden treats. Lick mats are usually made from a food safe silicone material which it textured to hold soft treats (such as peanut butter) and wet food. The dog then has to work to lick off the tasty treats, slowing down eating and keeping them occupied for longer. Snuffle Mats, Treat Mats & Lick Mats have numerous benefits for dogs. These treat mats provide mental enrichment for dogs by engaging their sense of smell and encouraging problem-solving behaviour. Dogs have an innate instinct to forage for food in the wild. Snuffle mats tap into this natural behaviour by providing a safe and controlled environment for dogs to use their noses to search for food, mimicking the experience of foraging in grass or foliage. With lick mats, dogs must work to use their tongues and noses to extract the food from the textured surface.

    Engaging toys like treat mats provide mental stimulation and can help alleviate boredom and anxiety in dogs, especially when they are left alone for extended periods. The act of searching for treats in a snuffle mat can be calming and satisfying for dogs, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The act of licking lick mats and extracting the food engages their senses and keeps them occupied. Lick mats can also have a calming and soothing effect on dogs, especially those prone to anxiety or stress. The repetitive licking motion required to extract food from the textured surface can help relax dogs and provide a sense of comfort.

    Snuffle mats and lick mats can help slow down fast eaters. By spreading treats or food throughout the mat, dogs are encouraged to eat more slowly, which can aid in digestion and prevent issues like bloating or vomiting associated with eating too quickly. Lick mats are ideal for wet food and treats, whereas snuffle mats are great for kibble and dry treats.

    Treat mats are suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. They can be particularly beneficial for puppies who are teething or learning to use their noses, as well as senior dogs who may have reduced mobility but still need mental stimulation. Overall, snuffle mats are versatile and enjoyable toys that offer numerous benefits for dogs, including mental stimulation, slow feeding, and stress relief. They are relatively cheap, easy to use and can provide hours of entertainment for your pet.