Rabbit Food & Feeding Hay

Rabbit Food & Forage

We offer a wide selection of pet rabbit food in pellet, nugget and mix form, plus feeding hay including timothy hay and meadow hay, dried grasses & herb mixes to provide your pet with the top quality nutrition needed to keep your rabbits fit and healthy throughout life. Ideal for all rabbit keepers, our rabbit food is available in small bags to 20kg bulk sacks.


    A popular pet in many homes, rabbits require a varied diet, of which rabbit pellets or muesli forms only as small part. Rabbits should be fed ample amounts of forage and hay - as a guide they should eat at least their own body size of hay each day! Hay and forage is very important for keeping both the rabbits teeth and digestive system healthy, so should be available at all times, along with a supply of fresh water. When looking for the best hay for your rabbit, Meadow hay and Timothy hay are both popular forage choices for all breeds. Specialist feeding hays with herbs are also ideal for providing a little more variety to the diet.

    Rabbits should also be fed a handful of fresh vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, broccoli and kale, twice a day to help provide important vitamins and nutrients. Rabbits need just a tablespoon of nuggets or rabbit mix every day to complete their diet. If you are feeding a muesli style feed, make sure they are not just picking out their favourite bits! If your rabbit is leaving some of their mix, switch to a pellet or nugget style feed so they don't miss out on any important nutrients. We stock small bags of rabbit feeds so you can find a variety that suits your bunnies. We also stock bulk bags in 15kg and 20kg sacks, ideal if you want to stock up, or for those who keep large numbers of rabbits.

    As well as a great range of pet rabbit food, including feeds for both indoor bunnies and rabbits homed outdoors, we also sell an extensive range of food and treats for other small pets, including guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets and chinchillas. Don't forget to check out our range of rabbit treats, bedding and health care products too! Free delivery direct to your home when you spend £75 or more (postcode and weight restrictions apply.)