Conditioning Feeds & Horse Feeds for Weight Gain

Conditioning Feeds & Horse Feeds for Weight Gain

Specifically designed to support horses and ponies nutritional needs to build and maintain body condition, muscle development and weight gain. Browse the great selection of Conditioning Feeds below to choose the right one for your horse's requirements.


    Conditioning Feeds provide horses and ponies with the extra calories and nutrition needed to build and maintain optimum condition and promote weight gain. Equine conditioning feeds are ideal for poor-doers needing to put on weight or the performance or show horse to support optimum muscle tone and topline development.

    At Millbry Hill, we stock a large range of Conditioning Feeds & Horse Feeds for Weight Gain. So, whatever your horse’s requirements, we’ll have conditioning feed that’s perfect for them. Plus, all of our horse feed comes from reputable brands such as TopSpec, Saracen and Baileys, so you know you’ll be getting the best quality nutrition for your horse when you buy from our selection.

    If you want to keep your horse in the best possible condition, we have some other products that might also interest you. So, be sure to browse our ranges of chaff, haylage and performance feed, too. We offer delivery throughout the UK, from single bags to full pallets. Or place your order online and collect in store for free.