Horse Supplements

Horse Supplements

Whether you are looking to purchase a supplement for your horse to target a specific problem or area of concern or you just want to take care of their general health, then there are plenty of horse supplements to choose from at Millbry Hill, from calming supplements to joint care to traditional herbs and oils for horses.


    At Millbry Hill, we stock a huge range of supplements for horses. All equines, from the performance horse to the field-kept pony, can benefit from the addition of a feed supplement to their diet. As modern pastures are typically lacking in the correct balance of nutrients, where hard feed is not fed at full recommended levels, due to weight concerns or other issues, a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement is recommended to ensure your horse is receiving all the nutrients he requires for overall health.

    For fussy horses, a feed balancer can also be a suitable alternative to a general vitamin and mineral supplement. Performance horses or the older horse can benefit from a joint supplement to help maintain joint health and mobility, whilst those who suffer from poor hoof quality can see improvements from the feeding of hoof supplements, which use advanced nutrition to support healthy hoof growth. Other feed supplements also use specific nutritional blends to support specific health concerns, including coat and skin care supplements, digestive health supplements and respiratory supplements. Another popular group of feed supplements for horses are calming supplements. There are formulas that can be fed either longer term to nervous, anxious or 'stressy' horses, or instant acting calmers that are ideal to tackle particular stressful situations, such as competitions and shows, vet and farrier visits or over bonfire night.

    We are official stockists of major horse supplement brands, including Global Herbs, NAF, Dodson & Horrell and Equine America. As well as special offers and low prices, we also offer free delivery on orders over £75 (subject to weight and postcode restrictions), so you can be sure you are getting the best value too.