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Our range of ferret food comes in pellets or nuggets, made from meat and animal proteins and fortified with vitamins and minerals to provide your ferret with the everyday nutrition they need for lifelong health and vitality.


    What is the Best Food for Ferrets?

    Ferrets are obligate carnivores - this means they need meat in their diet to survive. As strict carnivores, they require a diet that is based on highly digestible meat protein, with very little carbohydrates. The most convenient way for ferret owners to provide the correct nutrition for their pet is to feed a complete dry feed, designed specifically for ferrets. This will ensure they are receiving the correct amount of protein, fats and essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Poultry, and in particular chicken, are a common ingredient in dry ferret foods as a quality primary protein source. Fish and fish oils such as salmon are also often included as a rich source of essential fats and oils for coat health and general well-being. Whist compete ferret foods are usually presented in a pellet or nugget form, premium quality ferret foods tend to be cereal/grain free, to better represent the ferrets natural diet.

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