Women's Horse Riding Chaps & Gaiters

Browse our collection of ladies half chaps and horse riding chaps and gaiters for women online at Millbry Hill. We have a superb range of riding chaps available to suit every shape..., size and budget. Our range includes the popular suede and leather styles as well as easy care synthetic half chaps for everyday riding.

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    Horse riding chaps are designed to provide additional protection and comfort while riding your horse. Perfect for when you prefer not to wear a long riding boot, chaps and gaiters are designed to be worn with jodhpur and paddock boots, helping give a more 'finished' look.

    When wearing short riding boots, chaps can provide extra grip when in the saddle, helping the rider stay in place and maintain proper posture while riding. Chaps protect the rider's legs from rubbing against the saddle or from getting scratched by bushes or other rough terrain. In colder weather, chaps can provide an extra layer of insulation to help keep the rider's legs warm - look out for insulated varieties to provide extra thermal properties.

    At Millbry Hill, we have a range of different types of women's chaps available, such as full chaps that cover the entire leg, or half chaps that only cover the lower leg. The type of chaps a rider chooses may depend on their personal preference, the weather, and the type of riding they will be doing, but you are sure to find the perfect pair of ladies chaps here.