Mineral Licks & Salt Licks for Horses

Mineral Licks & Salt Licks for Horses

Horse mineral licks and salt blocks for horses are ideal for supplementing your horse’s diet with essential minerals and vitamins. We have a great selection of mineral blocks and salt licks here at Millbry Hill, so you will be sure to find the perfect choice for your horse.


    From natural Himalayan salt rocks to flavoured licks, our extensive range means you can choose a product that suits your horses' preferences and needs. As well as providing your horse with some of the essential minerals it needs to stay healthy, horse licks can also serve as boredom breakers in the stable, as they encourage horses’ natural browsing instincts. Some horse licks also contain particular minerals, herbs and natural ingredients to help support or remedy specific health concerns, such as mobility, respiration or coat and skin care. We also stock field and paddock licks to help supplement the horses' grazing.

    There are a number of points to consider when deciding which lick is right for your horse. Horses naturally seek out salt but if your horse is a picky eater, a flavoured horse lick may encourage them to show more interest and are less bitter than standard salt licks, however, they may have added sugars to sweeten them. Natural mineral licks are naturally balanced and contain no added sugars and provide your horse with more bioavailable trace minerals. 

    Whichever lick you choose for your horse, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of them, helping to increase your horse's salt intake and prevent boredom in the stable.

    You might be interested to know that we offer other ranges of feed as well. So, if you’re looking to stock up, be sure to browse our selections of chaff, haylage, and treats too. We offer free UK mainland delivery on orders of £75 or more (weight and remote/offshore postcode restrictions apply). Order online today.