Fly Masks for Horses

Fly Masks for Horses

From popular brands such as Shires and Weatherbeeta, our selection of fly masks for horses and ponies offers fantastic protection from flies and other biting insects. Browse the various options of fly masks here at Millbry Hill, such as with or without ears, UV protection, nose protection or a simple fly fringe to find the right mask for your horse's needs.


    Protect your horse from pesky flies and insects whilst riding or in the field with our range of fly masks and Fly Masks for Horses. Designed to keep flies and biting insects away from sensitive areas such as the ears and eyes, fly masks and veils provide comfort and relief for your horse over the summer months.

    Our collection of fly masks is available in a range of styles and fits to suit every size and breed of horse. Fly masks fit over the horse's face, usually fastening with Velcro, making them safe for use in the field. The fine mesh keeps flies and other insects off the horse's face, without restricting his sight. There are styles that also incorporate ear covers to keep flies away from the horse's ears and for ultimate protection, we also stock fly masks with nose covers, which also provide UV protection for horses with pale-skinned or sensitive noses. Fly Masks are often used in conjunction with a fly rug for the best protection from insects during summer turnout.

    Check out our range of Fly Rugs and Fly Sprays for better protection for your equine best friend.

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