Mediumweight Turnout Rugs

Available in standard neck, combo or detachable neck styles, our mediumweight turnout rugs come in a range of weights, from 100g medium-lite to 250g mediumweight fills. With a choi...ce of rugs to suit horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes, you will find the perfect rug here.


      Mediumweight turnout horse rugs are designed to provide horses with a moderate level of insulation and protection from the elements. These rugs usually range in weight from a medium-lite 100 grams to 250 grams and are ideal for fine-haired and clipped horses in mild to moderate conditions.

      Mediumweight turnouts are made from durable, waterproof and breathable materials that withstand the elements and come in a range of cuts with varying neck options such as combo necks, detachable necks and standard necks to suit the needs of different horses. With an array of features on offer to enhance the fit and comfort of the rug, such as shoulder gussets, cross surcingles and quick clip chest fastenings, you can be sure to find the perfect turnout rug for your horse.

      Here at Millbry Hill, we stock a wide range of mediumweight turnout rugs from leading brands like Shires, Amigo, Gallop and Weatherbeeta. Shop our selection online for your horse's next mediumweight turnout rug.