Dressage rider riding a horse with leather double reins

Reins for Horses

At Millbry Hill, we offer a wide selection of horse reins, including rubber grip reins, plaited reins, webbing reins and dressage reins, available in a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit every horse and rider.

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    Providing the rider with a direct line of communication with the horse, reins are attached to the bridle via the bit. Used to control both the speed and direction of the horse or pony, having consistent yet gentle contact on the reins is essential. There are several different types of reins available, each with different properties that make them ideal for each discipline or purpose. For example, training reins are often used to teach beginners and have different coloured sections to help new riders learn where to hold onto the rein for an even contact. Plain leather reins or plaited reins have a traditional look, which is preferred in the show ring. Those who are eventing or show jumping need enhanced grip for control in all weather conditions, so rubber grip or bio-grip reins are often the preferred choice.

    At Millbry Hill, we stock an extensive range of horse reins for all riders. We have a fantastic range that are ideal whether you are brand new to riding or an experienced equestrian. With reins suitable for every discipline, from dressage to eventing, and all from renowned brands such as Dever, Premier Equine and Shires - so you can rest assured that anything you buy from us will be of the best possible quality.

    We also stock a huge selection of saddlery and tack. So, if you’d like to update your equipment even further, feel free to take a look at our collections of bridles, bridle accessories, girths, breastplates and martingales too. Plus, shop our selection of reins for horses today and you’ll receive free UK mainland delivery on orders of £75 or more — weight and postcode restrictions apply.