Horse Supplements

NAF Horse Supplements

NAF Equine Supplements provide a comprehensive range of nutritional support for horses and ponies of all ages and workloads. Using natural ingredients, NAF supplements have been developed by vets and nutritionists to create these premium formulations to support health and optimise your horse's wellbeing.


    The range of NAF (Natural Animal Feeds) supplements provides nutritional support to promote optimum health and wellbeing of your horse throughout his life. The range includes joint supplements to aid mobility and flexibility in both competition horses and older horses and ponies, digestive supplements to promote gut health, calming supplements to help in stressful situations such as vet visits and competitions, as well as general purpose vitamin and mineral supplements for horses.

    As well as a fantastic range of horse supplements, NAF also produce a wide range of equine health and grooming products, tack care and cleaning products, as well as healthy mineral licks and horse treats. Shop the range of NAF equine products online at Millbry Hill, and get Free UK delivery on eligible orders over £75.