Harkers Duramitex Plus Pigeon Loft Treatment Spray

Harkers Duramitex Plus Pigeon Loft Treatment Spray

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Harkers Duramitex Plus is an effective treatment in helping to clear red mite in pigeon lofts.

  • Completely safe and natural treatment for the eradication of red mites in pigeon lofts and aviaries
  • Application should be sprayed liberally around the area to be treated ‚Äì paying particular attention to cracks and crevices
  • A ”Sticky trap” is literally formed which immediately immobilises the adult mite and prevents other life stage from developing breaking the life cycle
  • Regular 6-8 weekly use will prevent the return of red mite and all other small insects pests
  • All airborne allergens will be eliminated by coating the mite
  • It is safe to use with birds still in situ
  • Available is available in a 500ml ready to use spray
  • Contain a combination of silicones

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