Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Holder

Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Holder

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Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Holder offers your chickens hours of enrichment.

  • Easy to use
  • Fun to watch
  • Provides exercise
  • Helps to relieve boredom

Put your chicken’s favourite vegetables in the Feathers & Beaky robust vegetable holder. This is a good way of feeding vegetables to your chickens; if you place vegetables on the ground any uneaten veg is likely to attract unwanted visitors.

Placing vegetables in the Feathers & Beaky Vegetable holder will not only deter the rats from getting to the left over’s, it will also give your chickens some exercise as they jump up to the feeder to get their tasty snack. The Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Holder helps to relieve boredom too.

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