Bisley Tally Counter

Bisley Tally Counter

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Bisley Tally Counter will put your mind at ease when having to count a lot of items quickly or throughout the day, you wont loose count or forget the number your at while you use this handy counting system.

This tally counter can be used for a number of tasks, with a keying loop on the top to either attach to a cord to prevent being lost or to put over your fingers to help holding. This nickle plaited number counter will run from 0 - 9999 at the push of a button and can we easily wound back to 0 to start the process all over again.

  • Push button for adding number
  • Dial on side to rewind back to 0 
  • Counts from 0 - 9999
  • Nickle plated
  • Key ring to prevent losses

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