Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth (45 Forwards)
Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth (45 Forwards)

Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth (45 Forwards)

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  • Dressage Warmblood Weymouth
  • Forward Facing (45°)
  • 14mm Mouthpiece Thickness
  • 7cm Shank Size
  • Dressage Legal

Dont lose precious marks through tongue evasions! Innovative lightweight, elegant cheek design. The forward cut port is very cleverly designed giving generous tongue relief without causing upper palate interference.

The Neue Schule Dressage Warmblood Weymouth uses Salox, the secret of which is the high thermal conductivity. This basically means that the mouthpiece of the bit warms up to about 30C within the first few fractions of a second, whilst a stainless steel bit takes over 7 seconds.

When the bit moves in the mouth as the rein aids are applied, the mouthpiece quickly adjusts to the new temperature, and the rein aids are more definitive because the bit no longer feels like a foreign body in the mouth. Horses that have previously been inwardly fixated on the bit and/or overactive have proven to be attentive and responsive to the aids provided by the Salox bits.

  • Mouthpiece Thickness - 14mm
  • Shank Size - 7cm
  • Dressage Legal

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