Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Bit 5inch

Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Bit

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The Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring is a mild training bit for horses, promoting a Soft, consistent contact.

  • Neue Schule Training Bit
  • Loose Ring Bit
  • Promotes a Soft, Consistent Contact
  • Reinforced the Turning Aid

The Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Training Bit has been designed to develop the partnership between you and your horse.The Team Up Loose Ring is a gentle all purpose training bit, ergonomically curved to encompass the tongue and align itself underneath the upper palate, giving very even gentle weight distribution.

The NS Team Up alleviates mouth over activity and tongue evasions therefore promoting a softer more consistent contact. It encourages the horse to soften through the jaw relaxing and lengthening the neck. The Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Training Bit is beneficial for the short tense neck without causing the horse to lean and reinforces the turning aid.

  • Mouthpiece Thickness - 16mm
  • Ring Size - 7cm
  • Dressage Legal
  • Product Code - NS Bit 9009 70

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Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Bit Size Guide

How to Measure Your Bit

It is important to ensure you choose the right sized bit for your horse. A bit that’s too-small can pinch and cause rubs on the tongue or cheeks, and a bits that’s too-big can slide around in the mouth and be less effective.

Bits are measured from inside corner to inside corner, across the length of the horse’s mouth. The easiest way to find the correct size bit for your horse is to measure a bit you already have that you know fits well. To measure the size of the bit, simply measure the length of the mouthpiece only, excluding the rings or shanks. This measurement (in mm or inches) corresponds to the size of bit you require.

Standard horse size bitss include 5”, 5 ¼”, and 5 ½” (130mm, 135mm, 140mm.) Pony bits can run as small as 3”, and draft horses be as large as 7”.

What does a well fitting bit look like?

For snaffle bits, you should see 1-2 wrinkles at the corner of the mouth and tension on the cheek pieces without solid pressure. You won’t see any wrinkles for curb bits, but the bit should be resting against the corners of the horse’s mouth and should not be low enough to touch or bang on the teeth.

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