The Little Feed Co. Gastro Grit for Chickens
The Little Feed Co. Gastro Grit for Chickens

The Little Feed Co. Gastro Grit for Chickens

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Gastro Grit is a super grit for laying chickens, giving stronger egg shells and healthier hens.

With added proteins, minerals and plant extracts to improve nutritional value and palatability, Gastro Grit supports a healthy gut as well as the development of stronger egg shells

  • Highly palatable chicken grit
  • For stronger egg shells in laying birds
  • Naturally rich in vitamins & minerals
  • 1kg compostable pouch
  • For hens who deserve the very best

Combining over 20 ingredients and including high protein pellets to ensure your hens are receiving the very best to keep them looking good and feeling even better.

Hens don’t have teeth to grind their food, so they need grit to do this job for them. Small stones and shells help to break down the food within their gizzard to aid digestion. Soluble minerals, such as calcium, are also needed in large quantities to help your hens lay eggs with strong shells, and ensure their bones stay healthy.

As well as traditional chicken grit ingredients, Gastro-Grit has lots of added extras to support a healthy gut and create an attractive supplement with great palatability.

If your hens are laying less than expected or laying soft shelled eggs they will benefit from extra grit in their diets. 

Feed ad-lib in a separate feeder so your chickens have access to all the minerals and grit they need, whenever they want them. Gastro Grit is very palatable and can be fed as required. Ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available at all times.

Remember to adjust feeding amounts up or down depending on weight and activity levels. Further feeding tables / feeding guide can be found on the product packaging.

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