Dora Designs Doorstops & Draught Excluders

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    Dora Designs stands as a beacon of creativity and originality, with a strong focus on designs that celebrate the charm of animals. Our carefully curated collection includes a range of products, from delightful doorstops and draught excluders to elegant paperweights. Each piece is crafted from the finest, high-quality fabrics and bears the unmistakable signature of Angela, the visionary founder behind this beloved brand.

    Dora Designs first embarked on its journey in 1991 when Angela's passion led her to design and create fabric doorstops right at her parents' dining table. These innovative designs made their debut at craft fairs and remarkably, some of those original creations continue to be cherished favourites within our extensive collection.

    Today, the Dora Designs Collection, which features these enchanting fabric animal-shaped doorstops, draught excluders, paperweights and an array of charming gifts, is available for purchase online at Millbry Hill. We are thrilled to be an official stockist of Dora Designs gifts and homewares, making it easier than ever for you to bring these captivating creations into your home or offer them as delightful gifts.