Barbour Women's Jumpers, Knitwear & Cardigans

Discover the perfect layering companions to accompany you through every season with our Barbour women's jumpers, knitwear and cardigan collection. Embracing a casual country aesthe...tic, our assortment offers styles to cater to all preferences. From snug chunky knits to timeless and refined jumpers and playful intarsia designs, there's a jumper waiting to become your new favourite from Barbour at Millbry Hill.

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    Rooted in a rugged outdoor and coastal heritage, our Barbour ladies' jumpers are steadfast companions designed to withstand the test of time. Crafted from premium fabrics, our Barbour ladies' knitwear range epitomises warmth and comfort for the season ahead. Whether it's women's Barbour jumpers crafted from sumptuous lambswool or indulgent cashmere, or cable knits offering a tactile premium quality, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

    Exuding refinement and elegance, Barbour women's sweaters, jumpers and pullovers combine feminine accents with luxurious fabrics. Maintaining their signature branding and unparalleled craftsmanship, Barbour exemplifies trust and reliability. From chunky knits in rich hues for frosty winter days to lightweight summer cardigans in muted tones, Barbour embodies a rich heritage that transcends fleeting trends. Pair with a Barbour Jacket and Barbour Trousers for an ensemble that's ready for anything.