LeMieux Women's Riding Socks & Footsie Socks

The LeMieux ladies sock collection features must have items for horse riders. Funky socks for funky riders, the LeMieux Footsie Socks are the ultimate in comfort and style, whilst ...their performance socks ensure comfort even during the hottest of competitions.


    Discover the range of boot socks, competition socks and trainer socks from LeMieux, now available at Millbry Hill. These technical socks for riding and outdoor wear are crafted from premium technical materials, and offered in a variety of patterns and colours to perfectly match the rest of the LeMieux collection. These socks are a must-have for any equestrian or casual wardrobe. From high-performance competition socks and thin boot socks for added comfort under riding boots, to versatile everyday options, LeMieux has something for everyone.