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KONG Dog Toys

Shop the range of KONG dog toys, at Millbry Hill. With everything from durable rubber chew toys to soft and comforting plush toys, as well as bouncing balls, tuggy ropes and flying discs for active fun, we've the perfect toy for your dog.

    Strong and durable, KONG dog toys are designed for dogs who love to chew, and offer mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and content. Made from robust and virtually indestructible rubber these dog toys are well known for being some of the most long lasting on the market. The original KONG toy is designed to stand up to persistent chewers, and comes in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all dog breeds. The KONG range also includes a range of plush toys, for dogs and puppies who prefer more gentle play, but which are also designed to last. There is also a great range of flying discs, floating toys and tennis balls for active outdoor play. Shop the range of KONG toys online today, with Free UK Delivery on eligible orders.