Schoffel Men's Jeans, Trousers & Plus-2's

We offer a selection of Schoffel breeks, trousers, jeans and shorts for men here at Millbry Hill. Our range includes tweed trousers and plus 2s, jeans, chinos and more, so you can ...pick out the perfect pair to suit your needs.

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    Schoffel is a brand well known for its high-quality outdoor clothing, including trousers, jeans, shorts and plus-2's for men. Schoffel trousers are designed with functionality, durability, and style in mind, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts, country pursuits, and everyday wear. They use premium materials in the construction of their trousers to ensure durability and comfort and select fabrics that are both sturdy and breathable, allowing for optimal performance in various outdoor conditions. 

    Designed for versatility, Schoffel trousers are suitable for a range of outdoor activities and conditions. Whether you're hiking, shooting, or enjoying leisurely walks, Schoffel offers trousers that provide the necessary freedom of movement, durability, and weather protection. Schoffel trousers often incorporate practical features to enhance their functionality. These may include reinforced areas for durability, multiple pockets for storage or treated with water-resistant finishes or feature fabrics that naturally repel water.

    Schoffel also understands the importance of style, and their trousers combine functionality with fashionable designs. They pay attention to details, ensuring that their trousers have a tailored and polished appearance, suitable for both outdoor pursuits and casual wear. Incorporate Schoffel trousers into your wardrobe for reliable performance and a stylish look during your outdoor adventures.