Weatherbeeta Horse Rugs

Weatherbeeta rugs are durable, comfortable and easy to fit with innovative designs to suit a wide range of horses. Shop the collection of turnout rugs, stable rugs, fleeces, cooler...s and rug accessories below to find the perfect rug for your horse or pony.

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      Weatherbeeta have been creating high-quality, innovative products for horses, riders and dogs for the last 40 years. With colourful designs, practical features and new technology, Weatherbeeta is a brand you can trust.

      Weatherbeeta rugs have evolved and adapted over the years to become the first choice of rug for a wide range of horses and their owners. With a host of technical and practical features, such as quick-clip front fastening, memory foam wither relief pad, freedom system and full embrace wrap, these rugs ensure the utmost comfort and protection for your horse in the field or stable. All Weatherbeeta Turnout Rugs come with a Weatherbeeta 3 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

      Shop the range of Weatherbeeta rugs here at Millbry Hill both online and in-store.