Lincoln Equestrian Products


Lincoln’s passion for equine health care is embedded into every product. The range has evolved and grown since it’s inception over 40 years ago and continues to grow to. An extensive range of high quality products which promote and enhance the wellbeing of horses worldwide – including topical skin products, nutritional supplements & everyday yard equipment.


    Lincoln Equestrian have been producing grooming, horse care and leather care products for over 35 years. Trusted by leisure riders and professionals alike, the range of Lincoln products provides effective care and stunning results at an affordable price. For over 25 years discerning horse owners across the world have put their faith in the Lincoln Range of horse and leather care products. With over 100 products Lincoln have every aspect of caring for your horse under control.

    From head to hoof Lincoln cares for your horse - gentle shampoos, silky conditioners, healthy hooves, tasty treats and natural nutrition. Products that work in synergy to give a radiant glow that comes from the heart of a healthy and happy horse. With Lincoln in the stable, beauty is never skin deep. Lincoln - simply the tradition of good horse care every day.