Gelert Country Choice Pet Food

Gelert Country Choice Pet Food


    Gelert Country Choice provides a natural, holistic approach to canine nutrition, specialising in diets for active, sporting and working dogs to fuel and reward their optimum performance. Whilst Gelert have traditionally specialised in food for working dogs, they also have a range of premium foods for all dogs, and cats too.

    Gelert Pet Nutrition is a wholly independent family owned pet food manufacturer founded in 1982. Operating a, two, state of the art manufacturing plants within the historic and beautiful county of Carmarthenshire, in Rural West Wales.

    Their main commitment is to produce consistent, premium foods of uncompromising quality. Achieving this consists of working closely with a number of trusted suppliers from whom they select the most wholesome, flavoursome and nutritious ingredients. The foods are then freshly manufactured at their own modern factories each week - this is to guarantee freshness and quality.

    All Gelert foods are based tried and tested formulations, and as such, are used by a wide variety of professional users and enthusiast alike, and have been fed to many generations of dogs.