Equerry Horse Feed

Equerry Horse Feeds

Quality horse feeds, trusted since 1675. With a core range of feeds, plus the ever popular Equerry Minty Treats, whether you are looking for a High Fibre Cube or a Conditioning Mash, Equerry feeds have been formulated to provide your horse with all he needs in one bag.


    Discover the perfect balance of nutrition with the Equerry Horse Feed range. Made with the highest quality ingredients, Equerry is a range of top-quality feeds, produced by HJ Lea Oakes. 

    The two key products in the Equerry range are their easy soak mashes. Equerry Conditioning Mash is specially formulated to support muscle development and enhance topline, with optimal protein levels. With easily digestible fibre sources such as sugar beet oil and linseed, it promotes overall condition and a glossy coat. Perfect for horses needing weight gain and condition, this mash is a must-have addition to your horse's diet. For those seeking a low-energy, high-fibre formula, look no further than the Equerry Cool Mash, designed for ponies or horses in light to medium work. With a blend of highly digestible fibres, it's the go-to choice for maintaining energy levels without the fizz.

    For horses at rest or engaged in minimal activity, Equerry High Fibre Cubes offer an ideal solution. Not only are they suitable for hay replacement, including for elderly horses (they can even be soaked), but they're also free from cereal grains, and low calorie, making them ideal for good doers. And let's not forget about the Equerry Minty Treats, the ultimate reward for your horse or pony. Bursting with irresistible spearmint flavour, these treats come in larger cubes perfect for hand-feeding, using in treat balls, or adding to feed to entice even the fussiest eaters.

    Find Equerry horse feeds online at milbryhill.co.uk or visit any Millbry Hill store to explore our full range. Give your horse the nutrition they deserve with Equerry, the trusted choice of horse owners everywhere.