Autarky Dog Foods

Autarky Dog Food

Autarky, meaning ‘self-sufficient’, offers active working dogs a dietary option that they would naturally choose if they were left to their own devices. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and the inclusion of added botanicals, Autarky boasts 100% natural goodness for active dogs.


    Autarky pet food is the ideal choice for active dogs. Suitable for working and sporting dogs, their range includes recipes to suit all life stages, providing a complete nutritional solution throughout the seasons for your dog's life. Autarky Dog Food is a 100% natural and holistic approach to feeding your dog. Bursting with natural goodness, when it comes to manufacturing animal feeds Autarky experts continue to be at the top their game. Autarky dog food has been formulated to match the exact requirements needed by your dog to enjoy a healthy and active life.

    Autarky use a holistic approach and ensure only the finest ingredients sourced from non GM origins are used. Shop Autarky online and in store at Millbry Hill.