Mouse Food & Treats

Mouse Food & Treats

Our range of mouse food and treats are specially designed to provide the correct dietary requirements for your pet mice. We have ensured that all our items are nutritional and balanced. Each product is made with delicious flavours to make sure your mouse is happy after every graze.


    Made from high quality ingredients and nutritionally balanced, our range of Mouse Food & Treats includes nuggets, pellets and muesli style mixes, tailored to meet the special dietary requirements of pet mice.

    Pet mice require a good quality balanced diet to prevent nutritional related problems, especially as mice require higher levels of protein than some small pet foods. As mice are omnivores, they also require animal proteins, as well as plant and cereal based ingredients in their diets. The best and easiest way to provide your pet mouse with a healthy and balanced diet to meet their nutritional needs is by feeding balanced muesli or pelleted diets designed especially for mice.

    At Millbry Hill we stock a wide range of tailor-made mouse foods, ensuring your pet receives the nutrition they need to stay happy and healthy. Buy online from Millbry Hill today. (T&Cs Apply).