Cat Health & Calming Supplements

Cat Health & Calming Supplements

For those cats that need extra help with their health or for anxious felines who need a quick and simple way to help keep calm, we offer a range of products, that are safe to be used when needed.

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    With our wide selection of products, your cat’s health and wellbeing is a priority Millbry Hill. We understand that, as an owner, ensuring your cat is healthy is a main concern. Our products ensure that you can have peace of mind, knowing that you cat is healthy and happy. We supply a range of products from hairball remedy and kitten milk, which can help your cat in day-to-day life. These products are supplied from well known brands such as Lactol and Johnsons.

    As cats are inquisitive animals, we understand that they can be adventurous both in and out of their home. With our products precautions and preventions can be put in place to make sure your cat is safe and well before their adventure begins.

    Other products that we also have are grooming products, shampoos, scratching posts and tasty treats. We offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £75 (postcode and weight restrictions apply). Shop cat health and calming supplements with us today.