Cat Healthcare & Hygiene Products

Cat Healthcare & Hygiene Products

We believe here at Millbry Hill that healthcare and hygiene are keyways to make sure your cat is happy and always feeling their best. The products we supply are from trusted brands who also have your cat’s best health and wellbeing in the heart of their products.

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    Feliway Cystease 30Caps

    Feliway Cystease


    Your cat's wellbeing is very important, and the cat healthcare and hygiene products in this range can play a key role in keeping them happy and well. You'll find everything you need to care for your cat here.

    Browse the cat healthcare and hygiene products at Millbry Hill, where you'll find all you need to ensure your pet is in the best of health and looking great. We understand how important the wellbeing of your cat is, and that's why we stock products from the most trusted pet brands on the market, including Armitage and Versele-Laga.

    In addition, we also have items that help to keep curious cats under control, especially if they have a tendency to get up to mischief. You may also be interested in the other ranges for cats, such as our grooming products, flea and worm treatments, and litter trays. We offer free UK mainland delivery when you spend £75 with us (postcode and weight restrictions apply). Shop with us today.