Performance Feeds & Competition Mixes

Performance Feeds & Competition Mixes

We have a wide selection of performance and competition horse feed from leading brands such as TopSpec, Dengie and Dodson & Horrell. Formulated to support your horse with a well-balanced diet required for high performance.


    Performance Feeds and Competition Mixes, including cubes, provide the horse with higher energy and nutrient levels needed to support peak performance. These feeds provide quick release energy to provide the working horse with power and energy when needed and are ideal for showjumping, eventing, dressage or hunting horses.

    At Millbry Hill you’ll find a great selection of performance feeds for horses, which will help you to ensure your horse is getting all of the nutrients it needs. Our extensive range offers everything from endurance mixes to competition cubes. So, whatever your horse’s requirements, we’re sure to have the perfect feed for you. Plus, they all come from reputable brands such as Spillers, Saracen and Gain, so they’re of the best possible quality.

    If you want to ensure your horse is as happy and healthy as possible, we have more products that might interest you. So, make sure you check out our balancers, conditioning feed, haylage and treats as well.