Quail, Pheasant & Game Feeds

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    Our range of quail, pheasant and game feeds includes everything your flock needs, from quail chick crumbs to breeding and laying pellets. These specialist feeds are formulated specially for these birds, ensuring they stay happy and healthy.

    For young birds, from hatching to 5-6 weeks of age, a quail crumble will support health and development, in an easy to eat format. From then the birds can be moved to a quail grower pellet to support the final stages of growth. Adult birds can be fed a layers or breeders pellet specially formulated for quails. These will be a smaller pellet than normal layers pellets, and have a protein content balanced specifically for these birds. The quail's diet can also be supplemented with grains and insect patee, to provide them a rounded and enriched diet.

    At Millbry Hill we stock a wide range of quail feeds for sale, suitable for all lifestages. Our range includes brands such as Versele-Laga and Heygates. Browse the range online today.