What to wear at the Races – National Hunt Season

As we now find ourselves in the midst of October, there is no debate that our long hot summer has come to an end.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. This change means only one thing; the start of the Jump Season. National Hunt has a monumental following, this including horse racing fans, horse racing punters, and those looking for a good day out. But, whatever the reason may be, and which ever category you fall into, one question remains the same…What to wear?’

With The Cheltenham Festival, the pinnacle of the season held in March, many goers have already started to think about what they would like to wear. So to make this easier, we’ve pulled out some of our top picks to help you achieve the perfect look…whether it’s Cheltenham, or Catterick, or anywhere in between, we’ve got it covered!

Ladies Coats & Jackets
These are our top picks for Coats and Jackets. The jacket is arguably the most important item of the outfit in the National Hunt Season to create the much desired ‘comfort and class’ look. Richard Johnson’s wife, Fiona quotes ‘When I’m planning an outfit for Cheltenham I always start with a coat and work backwards”. Layer with a basic knit for those in between days so it can be worn zipped up, or draped over the shoulders so the attention isn’t taken away from the jacket.

First up we have Barbour’s Crieff Cape at £269. This bold piece does all the talking so you don’t need to worry about anything else! This is followed by Holland and Cooper’s Wellington Jacket at £649. This is a short fitted jacket that oozes style, and with a detachable neck piece this jacket can continue into the warmer months. Conclusively, we have Schoffel’s Lilymere Jacket at £399.95. As more of a classic style this jacket suits all and is extensively adaptable, perfect for more occasions than just the races.

An Extra Layer…

We believe Schoffel Gilets are the perfect layer to go under your jacket for those especially cold days, or alternatively when the sun comes out and you need to drop a layer. With 13 colours to choose from your biggest problem is choosing which one to have! These Gilets retail at £139.95.


Practicality comes first and foremost as the majority of your day will be spent on your feet. We suggest you opt for a sturdier looking boot, rather than a stiletto heel seen at the likes of Ascot. We’ve picked out these finalists as our best rated foot choice for the Jump season.

We’ve catered for all in this line up, ranging from the fully waterproof and insulated Imperial Explorer at £395, to the slightly more delicate suede heeled over the knee Amira boot at £415. This boot is perfect for those looking to add a smarter dimension to their outfit and then to the mid-range classic look Ariat Stoneleigh at £207.99.

Hats & Headbands

The National Hunt season means it is time to put away the fascinators, and instead introduce a more relaxed style, as seen in our selection above. Hats are not a necessity, but are a popular option, and have been on the rise in the past few years.

The main objective to wearing a hat is for added warmth, or making it the centre piece of your outfit. We think these statement hats and headbands are fab, and think you should work your outfit around them…rumour has it hats are the revolutionary accessory!

Here we have Holland and Cooper Carrie Baker Boy – £79.00, popular for those looking for a trendy twist on the traditional tweed. Next we have the ultra fluffy headwarmer from Annabel Brock at £39.16. Not only a statement piece, but ideal for freezing cold days track side. Lastly the Hicks & Brown Suffolk Fedora Natural Side – £89.00. This trilby is perfect for all weather conditions, and totally versatile as you can change the colour of the feathers to match your outfit.

For The Men…
Coats & Jackets

For men’s Coats & Jackets we’ve selected Joules Holmwood Quilted coat which has more of a relaxed feel, and is designed for the colder days. With plenty of pockets its perfect to fit your Race Card and binoculars in. Retailing at £90.39 its an affordable choice.

Following suit we have picked Schoffel’s Belgrave Tweed Sports Jacket, RRP of £449.95 it is at the higher end of the budget, however is a timeless piece and arguably a worthy investment. The Belgrave is suited to those looking for a smarter look, and was designed to be fitted.


Here we chose Dubarry’s Wicklow boot at £199. This boot is perfect when the ground is soft as its GORE-TEX® lined, waterproof and Breathable.

Following that we picked the Barbour Bedlington Chelsea boot at £111.20. This boot is a slightly lighter version of the Dubarry boot, which makes it more versatile as they can be worn with jeans as a more relaxed look, or dressed up with a suit.


A shirt is an essential part of every mans outfit when attending the races. Our top picks include Joules’ Wilby, in Blue and Green Check – £41.97. We think these colours look great under a tweed jacket and really compliment each other.

Next we have Schoffel’s Cambridge Check in red – £69.95. A simple check in a bright colour is a great way to add some distinction to an otherwise fairly simply outfit.


Here’s a small selection of our favorite accessories that we think would be perfect for your day at the races, or to compliment any of the above outfits. Click here to access them on our website: https://www.millbryhill.co.uk/womens-c1/accessories-c9

We hope you’ve found our guide helpful, and enjoy a long winter following the National Hunt Season!