Unsure on what rug your horse needs this winter? We have it covered!

Unsure on what rug your horse needs this winter? We have it covered!

This time of the year is always confusing for us equestrians… what rug to put on the horse today!? Constantly checking the weather forecast to see if it's going to be mild or absolutely baltic, feeling your horse under the rug to see if they are too hot …the struggle is real.
We thought it would be handy to pop together some of our key tips and information on everything rugging, to try eliminate some of the stress for you and to keep it as simple as possible. Let's get started!
The first things to start to take into mind when choosing which rug is best are the below:
  • Does your horse have access to forage, remember … eating is heating!
  • Feeding schedule - How often do you feed your horse throughout the colder months?
  • Horses body condition (fat score) / weight - Chunky horses will need a lighter rug, thinner horses will need a warmer rug
  • Is your horse clipped? - Clipping horses prevents them staying as warm as you've removed their coat
  • Age - Older horses will feel the freeze more
  • Weather - is it just cold or cold, wet and windy? The wind chill factor can make a real difference!
  • Access to shelter or a stable - They will be able to hide from the elements and stay dry, meaning they wont be as cold
  • Level of work - Fitter horses will feel the cold more as they have less body fat
The next step is then to look at the weights or fills of the rugs available. They always tend to fall under three categories, Lightweight, Mediumweight or Heavyweight. Here's a little breakdown of what the 'fill' is classed as:
  • Lightweight - 0g, 50g, 100g
  • Mediumweight - 150g, 200g, 250g
  • Heavyweight - 300g plus
We've found a table that's an excellent reference to work off and you could even print it off and pop it in your tack room as a guide, its been created by BETA:


Stabled/ Clipped


Turned out/ Unclipped

Turned out/ Clipped

15 degrees +

Zero fill




10 to 15 degrees

Light weight (100g) or zero fill

Nothing or zero fill


Nothing or light weight (100g) or zero fill if wet & windy

5 to 10 degrees

Medium weight (250g)

Light weight (150g)

Nothing or light weight (100g)

Light weight (150g) plus neck cover

Zero to 4 degrees

Heavy weight (300g)

Medium weight (200g)

Nothing or light/ medium weight (150-250g)

Medium weight (200g) with neck cover degrees

-10 to zero

Heavy weight (300-400g) with neck cover

Medium weight (200-300g) with liner

Light or medium weight (150- 300g) with neck cover

Heavy weight (300-400g) with neck cover plus liner

-10 degrees or less

Heavyweight (300-500g) with neck cover plus liner

Medium or heavy weight (300-400g) with neck cover

Heavy weight (300-500g) with neck cover

Heavy weight (300-500g) plus liner and/or under blanket and hood

 Let's take a look at some of our favourite turnout and stable rugs from our wide range.
A staple piece to every horses wardrobe has to be a good quality 0g rug. For this, I always look to Weatherbeeta for their Comfitec Classic 0g Lite Turnout Rugs. Made from a strong denier material that's breathable and waterproof, it's perfect for fending off spring and autumn showers. It has all the bells and whistles that a good rug should have, and it even comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. This rug will stand the test of time.
For our top lightweight stable rug, we've gone with another Weatherbeeta rug, its the Weatherbeeta Comfitec 210D Channel Quilt 110g Lite Standard Stable Rug. It's a great value, simple rug that offers excellent warmth and comfort. It's made from a tough 210 denier material and has all the traditional fixtures and fittings you expect on a Weatherbeeta rug.


The Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential Combo Neck Medium Turnout Rug is our top pick for a Mediumweight. I promise we didn't just pick this one because of its adorable print … its really because of how brilliant it is! Crafted from a super tough 1200 denier material, it's perfect for those horses that have a bit of a devilish, destructive side. It also has taped seams, shoulder pleats and a fixed neck. Its offers exceptional warmth and performance for a great price and it does come in alternative colours.


The LeMieux Arika Stable-Tek 200g Stable Rug is our choice of stable rug for the colder months. Its a new addition to the LeMieux collection and honestly, the quality and design of this rug lives up to the brands typical quality … Fantastic! It oozes quality and style, warmth and comfort.  Lets be real, the price is amazing too for a top notch Mediumweight stable rug!

 Last but not least is the Heavyweight Turnout and Stable Rugs:


New in to us this season is the Shires Tempest Plus 300g Combo Turnout. It's made with a tough 1200 denier material and has a fixed neck. Complete with all the usual bells and whistles that have been made to a high quality but the one thing we love about this is that it has the Shires WarmaRug fittings meaning you can add additional liners if you wish. Ideal if you need a heavier rug for your horse if its living out or is elderly. Such an excellent feature!

The Weatherbeeta Comfitec 210D Channel Quilt Combo Neck Heavy Stable Rug is our favourite pick for a stable rug. It boasts a super toasty 400g fill and a fixed neck. It's made with a tough material to help lock in the warmth and the channel quilt design helps keep the fill in the right place. Ideal for fully clipped horses in cold temperatures.


We hope this has helped relieve any worries or doubts you may have over rugging and remember, you can check out our extensive range of turnouts and stable rugs from all the best brands on the link below:


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